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Combat Records

Combat Records are tangible engagements a user has performed or been involved with during their time in the organization. For example, they may be records that include attending an event, completing a training, being deployed on an operation, or delivering a lecture.

External Integration


The feature does not have any API endpoints at this time however records may be accessed via the Users API endpoint.


The feature triggers the following events.

  • combatrecord.created
  • combatrecord.updated
  • combatrecord.deleted


The feature does not integrate with any widgets at this time.


The following permissions are related to managing combat records.

  • view:combatrecord Can view a combat record.
  • create:combatrecord Can create a new combat record.
  • update:combatrecord Can update a combat record.
  • delete:combatrecord Can delete a combat record.

Released under the MIT License.