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Assignment Records

Assignment records provide an account of how your personnel move between units, positions, or specialties through your organization. They provide a chronological map of the different titles a person holds as they grow and spend time in your organization.

External Integration


The feature does not have any API endpoints at this time however records may be accessed via the Users API endpoint.


The feature triggers the following events.

  • assignmentrecord.created
  • assignmentrecord.updated
  • assignmentrecord.deleted


The feature does not integrate with any widgets at this time.


The following permissions are related to managing assignment records.

  • view:assignmentrecord Can view an assignment record.
  • create:assignmentrecord Can create a new assignment record.
  • update:assignmentrecord Can update an assignment record.
  • delete:assignmentrecord Can delete an assignment record.

Released under the MIT License.