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Roster Widget

The roster widget outputs a table-based list of your personnel, similar to the roster within your dashboard.

Widget ID: roster

Code Snippet

Below is an example HTML code snippet that will output your roster.

<!-- Place the code block where you would like the widget displayed on your website. !-->
<!-- Replace APIKEY and PERSCOMID with your API key and PERSCOM ID, respectively. !-->

<div id="perscom_widget_wrapper">


The following is an example of the roster widget being displayed within the application.

Roster Preview

Roster User Preview


The following scopes will need to be added to your API key to properly display the data.

  • view:assignmentrecord Can view an assignment record.
  • view:awardrecord Can view an award record.
  • view:combatrecord Can view a combat record.
  • view:field Can view a custom field.
  • view:group Can view a group.
  • view:position Can view a position.
  • view:qualificationrecord Can view a qualification record.
  • view:rankrecord Can view a rank record.
  • view:servicerecord Can view a service record.
  • view:specialty Can view a specialty.
  • view:unit Can view a unit.
  • view:user Can view a user.

Released under the MIT License.