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Widgets offers powerful widgets that allow the integration of your organizational data into another website for display. Each widget is a snippet of HTML that can be injected into your website.

Widget Preview



You must be subscribed to the Pro plan to use this feature.

Trying It Out

If you'd like to try the widgets out before using them on your website, you can preview every widget at Please note, you must be subscribed to the Pro plan to use this feature. Please have an API key and your PERSCOM ID ready to log in. You can read more about how to access these in the Authentication and Authorization section.


For demonstration purposes, you can select all available scopes for the API key you will use to preview the widgets.

Choosing The Widget

Each widget uses the same HTML code snippet to display the data. However, to set which widget you would like outputted, you must set the data-widget attribute to the intended Widget ID. The available options are listed below.

<div id="perscom_widget_wrapper">
        data-widget="roster" // [!code focus]

Available Widgets

The following widgets are currently available. Each widget is identified by a Widget ID that is passed to the data-widget attribute.

  1. Roster data-widget='roster'
  2. Awards data-widget='awards'
  3. Calendar data-widget='calendar'
  4. Forms data-widget='forms'
  5. Newsfeed data-widget='newsfeed'
  6. Qualifications data-widget='qualifications'
  7. Ranks data-widget='ranks'

Authentication and Authorization

Each widget requires the creation of an API key. Generating an API key is a simple process that can be accomplished in your dashboard. Creation and management of API keys requires the manage:api permission. Contact your account administrator if you cannot access the API section within your dashboard.

Depending on the widget you intend to display, the API key will need specific scopes assigned. You can visit the individual widget page for a list of the required API key scopes needed to properly display the widget.

Second, each widget requires your PERSCOM ID which can be found in the general settings area of your dashboard.

These two items will be inserted into the widget when you add them to your website. Failure to add these values with result in an authentication error when viewing the widget.

Click here for more documentation on the API.


The widget accepts several options to customize the output of the data.

apikeyyesstringThe API key used to authenticate the request.
limitnointegerAdding the limit option will control how many results are returned from the widget. By default, the widget will return 15 results. When more than 15 results are present, the table will be presented with a pagination option. Increase or decrease the limit to fit your website needs.
perscomidyesintegerThe ID of your account used to authenticate the request.
resourcenointegerThe ID of a specific resource that will be returned such as a specific form.
timezonenostringThe timezone any date object should be translated to. The ID of a specific resource that will be returned such as a specific form.
widgetnostringThe ID of the widget you would like to output. The ID of a specific resource that will be returned such as a specific form.

Including An Option

Each option must be prefixed with data- within the HTML snippet. For example, to specify the apikey option, the parameter must be set as data-apikey="xxx". See Choosing The Widget for an example.


The widgets are embedded within an iframe HTML element that prevents the host website from overriding and altering the styling of the widget. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it helps prevent the unwanted style changes to the widget that can happen by the hosting website. However, the widget is wrapped in a parent div that may be customized to alter how the iframe is embedded within your website. See the example below on how to customize the perscom_widget_wrapper.


In the following example, we are going to adjust the height of the parent div to fit the widget appropriately. The CSS is added just above the code snippet for it to take affect.

  #perscom_widget_wrapper {
    height: 500px;

<div id="perscom_widget_wrapper">


The Widget project is open source and actively looking for developers to participate. If you have experience with frontend frameworks such as React, we encourage you to contribute.


You can view the project on Github.

Released under the MIT License.