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The User's personnel file serves as the core element within the system, encompassing all other components and features outlined in the documentation. It consolidates records, updates, notes, fields, and various custom data points into a centralized and easily manageable view.

Additionally, personnel files offer Custom Fields, empowering administrators to establish organization-specific custom data points stored within each user's personnel file.

External Integration


The feature exposes the following API endpoints.


The feature triggers the following events.

  • user.created
  • user.updated
  • user.deleted


The feature can be embedded into a third-party service using the Roster Widget.


The following permissions are related to managing users.

  • view:user Can view a user.
  • create:user Can create a new user.
  • update:user Can update a user.
  • delete:user Can delete a user.
  • manage:billing Can access the billing portal and update all billing related settings.
  • manage:api Can access the external integration section of the dashboard.
  • view:log Can view the application logs.

Released under the MIT License.