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The tasks feature provides organizations with the ability to create, manage, and track custom tasks. This feature enables organizations to assign tasks to personnel, monitor task progress, and ensure compliance with established policies and procedures. Whether you need to track daily routines, maintenance tasks, or special assignments, the Tasks feature provides a flexible and customizable solution to meet your organizational needs. With this feature, organizations can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve accountability by keeping track of task assignments and progress in real-time.

External Integration


The feature does not have any API endpoints at this time.


The feature does not trigger any webhook events at this time.


The feature does not integrate with any widgets at this time.


The following permissions are related to managing tasks.

  • view:task Can view a task.
  • create:task Can create a new task.
  • update:task Can update a task.
  • delete:task Can delete a task.

Released under the MIT License.