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The calendars feature is designed to help organizations manage scheduling and events more efficiently. With this feature, users can create and manage multiple calendars for different purposes (e.g. shift schedules, training sessions, meetings, etc.), and easily view and update events in a centralized location. Users can also set reminders and notifications to keep everyone on schedule and ensure that important events are not missed. The Calendars feature is fully integrated with the rest of the platform, allowing for seamless communication and coordination across the organization.

External Integration


The feature exposes the following API endpoints.


The feature triggers the following events.

  • calendar.created
  • calendar.updated
  • calendar.deleted


The feature can be embedded into a third-party service using the Calendar Widget.


The following permissions are related to managing calendars.

  • view:calendar Can view a calendar.
  • create:calendar Can create a new calendar.
  • update:calendar Can update a calendar.
  • delete:calendar Can delete a calendar.

Released under the MIT License.